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Oyster Mushroom Tibs



Organic Oyster mushrooms
Organic Onions – sliced
Organic Garlic – whole cloves
Organic Tomatoes diced
Organic Jalepeño – sliced lengthwise
Organic Vegetable Oil (org Avocado oil (our favorite because it doesn’t go rancid when unrefrigerated) / org. grapeseed oil / org. sunflower seed oil / org. refined corn oil)

Ginger powder
Garlic Powder
crushed black pepper

Marinate Mushrooms in olive oil mixed with black pepper & sea salt for 5mins
then add berbere, mekelesha & paprika – mix together & marinate for 15mins. more
total maritating tiime = 20mins.

Heat veggie oil to hot/searing temp.
Add Oyster Mushrooms & Berbere,Mekelesha & Paprika to warm vege oil in pan
Sauteé Lightly in oil stirring to cook evenly
Next, add diced tomatoes, onions & whole garlic cloves stir to cook evenly
Add some ginger powder and garlic powder to taste
add sliced jalepeno pepper
sautee until tasty!
Approximate time 5-10 mins max.

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