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Ethiopian Coffee Roasting Ceremony ቡና ማፍላት

Roasting raw Sidamo coffee beans is the Best way to enjoy truly Fresh Ethiopian Coffee. At Habesha Spice we offer only non-GMO sourced Sidamo Coffee beans from Ethiopia.

Coffee was discovered over 1100 years ago in Ethiopia in the south-western highlands in the province called Kaffa (hence the name Coffee.) formal cultivation and use of coffee as a beverage began in the early 9th century.

Over time there developed the culture and tradition of the Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony serving as a way to share time and connection with friends and family and an opportunity to take a break from the hectic pace and drama that life can sometimes offer and slow down to a more natural pace and flow of life.

An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony begins with cleansing and purifying the room with the life-giving scent of holy frankincense sap which is here burning on some self-lighting charcoal.

Next we begin with raw green coffee beans. Here we’re using Raw Green washed Sidamo Coffee Beans from our stock at Habesha Spice.

The Coffee is then carefully roasted over an even heat until the beans turn a beautiful chocolate brown and begin to give up their own aromatic incense which, mixing with the frankincense creates a heavenly atmosphere and scent even before we get to brewing.

This can get our mouths watering for this delicious brew, and since we really are all from the same family of life, others have had the same experience as well, and so, it’s developed that there’s always a traditional bowl of popcorn on the table to keep our senses occupied while we await the delight ahead.

Meanwhile the roasted coffee beans have beeen ground (traditionally, by hand with a mortar and pestal, but hey! it’s the 21st century, we also do this as part of our Ethiopian Catering Service, people are impatient these days and so here we used a coffee grinder, ok?) and placed into the large clay pot which is called a “Jebena” and has been filled with boiling water and then, once the ground coffee is added, continues to boil, brewing the elixir to perfection.

Once the coffee is tested to make sure it’s right then it’s poured into all the cups. Sometimes sweetener is added. We didn’t add any today as our Sidamo Coffee has got just the right amount of natural sweetness for our tastes this afternoon.

Traditionally, the Jebena is refilled again, the ground coffee reboiled, a second roud of cups poured and then a third time as well to complete the full tradional ceremony. each round of cups has significance, round one is called, “Arbol” and is the strongest, the second cup is called, “tona” and is milder and the final cup is called, “berekha” and holds the most significance as it signifies a blessing.



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